State of mind

I am exhibiting eight ceramic vessels in such a way that they give the impression of floating in the room. The eight are set up in a circle because the number eight describes all directions in the space and because it means infinity and wholeness.

The work entitled “State of mind” is a creative ceramic project; a contemporary interaction event which unites ceramics, music and craft with old traditions and contemporary technology.

The Pleterje ‘štimanice’ stimulated me to create clay vessels and use them as an instrument of art and music. I try to evoke various emotional states within the viewer by selected art image and subtle light which reveal diverse states of mind. It is important that the vessels are arranged in the room in such a way that the maximum sound effect is achieved. From each vessel a different music comes which combines into a complex composition only by listening in the middle of the room. With my friend Lado Jakša we have drawn out the main body of the sounds from the clay instruments I created for this project. Thanks to the understanding and support of Mr Jovo Grobovšek we have been allowed and encouraged to record the music material in the very Pleterje church from where the inspiration comes. The film which accompanies the event shows all the phases of the project realisation.